1. Introducing the latest Lego mini-figure from SolarAid. A SunnyMoney top solar light seller (note medal) with SunKing Pro and ERP manual.

    Dedicated to Daniel Paterson for his dedication and support.

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    Spreading the light

    Its amazing the ‘ripple effect’ a solar light can have. 

    When Steve Taylor provided a solar study light to James Hall when he was in Europe, who in turn shared it with John Martin from Qioptic back in the US, the ripple effect started.

    John immediately thought that others, who share his passion for solar, should see and hear about these lights and the impact they are making in Africa. What better opportunity than the up and coming Photo Voltatic Specialists conference in Tampa, Florida. 

    John who was the Exhibits and Sponsorship Chair got in touch with  Ryne Rafaelle and Chris Jannuzzi also involved in the conference to help make it happen.


    But how were SolarAid, based in the UK, to have a presence in Florida USA in a matter of weeks?

    John had someone in mind. Up stepped Kyle from California who immediately ‘got’ what SolarAid were up to as he has a brother working in Africa.

    Kyle in turn got together a team prepared to give their time.

    We sent over the artwork for posters and post cards that were printed locally and arranged solar lights (and kerosene tin lamps) for the conference exhibition. Tracy Tarant got them to the exhibit on time. 


    And it’s just as well. the SolarAid booth was “totally swamped” and enabled SolarAid to reach hundreds of PV professionals with a passion for solar.


    So a big sunny thank you to the amazing team of volunteers who represented SolarAid in Florida, dedicating many hours in helping spread the word about our mission.

    Kyle Montgomery, Nick Alexander and Susan Spencer, Souhib Harb we salute you.


    Steve, James, John, Ryne, Chris, and Tracy thanks for making the ripple effect happen. We couldn’t have done it without you. That’s the power of solar!

    And we hope the ripple effect will continue … from the interest successfully generated at PVSC in SolarAid’s work at and our mission. 

    So be careful when a solar light reaches your hand  things will start to happen. It’s through the actions of people like this that we will eradicate the kerosene lamp by the end of the decade. 

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  5. Just like the No.12 London bus you wait for ages then three come along at once. Three awards for SolarAid in June! The Guardian Sustainable Business AwardThe Google Global Impact Award and finally Winner of The Ashden International Gold Award. 

    You can relive the moment SolarAid was announced by Emma Freud. Listen out for the sharp intake of breath from yours truly as the penny drops.

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  7. Have you noticed what happen’s when people say “SunnyMoney” for the first time? Try out the SunnyMoney test on people you meet and you will see it has interesting effect. :)

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  9. 15% - what’s in a number part 1?

    The other week in the UK, headline news was the rising cost of commuter fares into London. The statistic that hit me wasn’t the increase - it was the average amount someone spends on travel getting into London which can be upto 15% of their income.

    That number - 15% stood out. Because that’s the proportion a person in Kenya with no access to grid electricity spends on buying kerosene for lighting.

    Now I commute to London from a town called Reading. If I had that travel cost taken away it would be Christmas come early, birthday and bonus all into one (not that I get a bonus or want one!). It’s the first time I personally began to see how huge 15% really is. 

    And that’s not even in the context of kerosene and the impact it would have on the lives of people. So what does ‘15%’ mean for someone in Kenya that uses kerosene every day for lighting?

    If they could remove the burden of buying kerosene it would be transformational. Their disposable income will increase by 15%. They could use that extra income to buy what they liked : a better diet, medicines, towards their children’s education, maybe to start a small enterprise. 

    And the answer to no more kerosene? A solar light of course.

    It doesn’t stop there with a cleaner better a safe light comes more time. Time children can invest in studying, time a family can use to run an enterprise, or time simply to socialise. It’s the one commodity we can’t get enough of. 

    That’s the power of the sun and a simple solar light. 

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  11. How many lights?

    I’m really excited. We’ve created a new sort of currency at SolarAid.

    1 SL = £ 6 or $9

    An ‘SL’ is a solar light of course. 

    SolarAid is on a mission to sell 300,000 solar lights by the end of March to people in Africa who use kerosene for light. 

    Every time we sell a solar light we worked out it currently costs SolarAid £6.

    The £6 pays for the cost of promoting solar lights through our SunnyMoney teams in remote rural communities. It’s the cost of offering families choice of quality solar lights that meet their needs. Choice. Isn’t that a great word? That’s the power when people become ‘customers’ not recipients of aid. 

    So you could say £6 cost of getting a solar light into the hands of someone prepared to buy it. In effect you’re sharing the cost of a solar light.

    So we have 300,000 solar lights to share the cost with. And the great thing is the more we sell the more that cost will fall. Then we won’t need charity (not that charity is a bad thing - it’s just its good to know we have an end plan).

    "How many lights would you like to fund?’ feels so much more powerful than asking "How much would you like to give?". And when individuals do that remarkable and magical act of donating we can truly say your £60 gift has funded 10 solar lights.

    So we are going to launch a campaign to ask the world to share the cost of a solar light.

    This is why I am so excited. 

    I’m up for sharing the cost of 30 over the year. That’s just £15 a month.

    299,970 to go.

    How many will you fund?

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  13. The tooth fairy and SolarAid. This is the message my daughter, aged 7, left for the tooth fairy last night. It reads:

Are you real tooth fairy? Tick Yes if you are real or No if you are not real. 
p.s. please tell me.
Yes   No

It then goes on to say:

Please could you give me £1 for my saving money collection which is going to SolarAid. Please help me!

    The tooth fairy and SolarAid. This is the message my daughter, aged 7, left for the tooth fairy last night. It reads:

    Are you real tooth fairy? Tick Yes if you are real or No if you are not real.

    p.s. please tell me.

    Yes   No

    It then goes on to say:

    Please could you give me £1 for my saving money collection which is going to SolarAid. Please help me!

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  15. Getting back on the road – never give up

    It was with great relief I spoke to Sean Conway today. Sean is attempting to break the record for cycling round the world and raise £100,000 for our work in Zambia.

    As you may of read on his social media feed he was hit by a truck on his USA leg of his epic journey a few days ago. He is currently in Arkansas.

    Sean is in good hands and is being looked after by some extraordinary American hospitality.

    However the bike is a write off.

    Sean is clearly made of stronger stuff.

    When I called him he was inspecting the remainder of his bike to see what parts he can rescue – in particular the valuable hub or gear system.

    Thankfully Sean is not in any pain. He initially thought he might have a compression fracture in his spine but he thinks this is possibly an old injury. He does however have some torn leg tendons.

    But that isn’t stopping him. He is determined to get back on a bike and carry on.

    If you follow Sean on Facebook or Twitter you will see he has been offered all sorts of help to get him back on the road. In Sean’s words everyone has been “super supportive”.

    Sean is speaking to Guinness to find out whether he can continue his attempt. The rules say he can stop the clock when he comes across an “impassable barrier”. A truck sounds like a pretty impassable barrier to me. Before the crash Sean was level pegging with race leaders.  

    Here at SolarAid we admire Sean because he, like SolarAid, has set himself a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (BHAG). Ours is to banish the kerosene lamp from Africa by the end of the decade. Sean’s BHAG is to break the world record for cycling round the world (in about 100 days). We won’t forget the lesson - despite what happens - don’t give up.

    Sean has raised over ten thousand pounds so far to help provide solar light for schools and families in Africa – to send a message of support and donate go to http://www.justgiving.com/bike12 

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    Rock Choir practicing with “Sunny Money” for their warm up routine! 

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