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    Feeling battered and bruised but positive about the road ahead
    — Sean Conway, having been hit by a truck on his world record attempt, and hearing he can continue his bid to be the fastest person to cycle the earth
  2. Mar 27th, 2012     Sean ConwayWorld RecordCyclingSolar
  3. Getting back on the road – never give up

    It was with great relief I spoke to Sean Conway today. Sean is attempting to break the record for cycling round the world and raise £100,000 for our work in Zambia.

    As you may of read on his social media feed he was hit by a truck on his USA leg of his epic journey a few days ago. He is currently in Arkansas.

    Sean is in good hands and is being looked after by some extraordinary American hospitality.

    However the bike is a write off.

    Sean is clearly made of stronger stuff.

    When I called him he was inspecting the remainder of his bike to see what parts he can rescue – in particular the valuable hub or gear system.

    Thankfully Sean is not in any pain. He initially thought he might have a compression fracture in his spine but he thinks this is possibly an old injury. He does however have some torn leg tendons.

    But that isn’t stopping him. He is determined to get back on a bike and carry on.

    If you follow Sean on Facebook or Twitter you will see he has been offered all sorts of help to get him back on the road. In Sean’s words everyone has been “super supportive”.

    Sean is speaking to Guinness to find out whether he can continue his attempt. The rules say he can stop the clock when he comes across an “impassable barrier”. A truck sounds like a pretty impassable barrier to me. Before the crash Sean was level pegging with race leaders.  

    Here at SolarAid we admire Sean because he, like SolarAid, has set himself a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (BHAG). Ours is to banish the kerosene lamp from Africa by the end of the decade. Sean’s BHAG is to break the world record for cycling round the world (in about 100 days). We won’t forget the lesson - despite what happens - don’t give up.

    Sean has raised over ten thousand pounds so far to help provide solar light for schools and families in Africa – to send a message of support and donate go to http://www.justgiving.com/bike12 

  4. Mar 27th, 2012     Sean ConwayWorld RecordSolarAidCycling